Agenda Modifications & Additional Resolution

Attention all Staff Members and CSUNA Participants,

The agenda for CSUNA XXI has had some slight modifications, so please  do take a look underneath the Agenda tab to see the updated times.

In addition to these changes, another resolution has been uploaded to the European Union and can be found under the committees tab if you wish to review it.

We would also like to remind students that you should be bringing an electronic device that can display the resolutions as they will be provided on a USB.


CSUNA Logistics

Good Evening All Staff Members and CSUNA participants,

The agenda for the two days of exciting debate is now up under our Reference section. Please review it with your teachers and ask any questions if needed. All schools are to arrive no later than 8:00 am for registration which will take place in the lobby of the CEC. The registration packages are divided by school names. All teacher advisors attending are responsible for the registration of their delegates.

In an attempt to execute an eco-friendly CSUNA this year, we have decided that Resolutions will be placed on the USBs that are provided in the package. However, if you wish to have a tangible copy to use during debates, please take the initiative to print out a paper copy. The resolutions of each committee room will be posted by the end of the week. Delegates are welcome to bring their electronic devices such as laptops, notebooks, tablets, and iPads to access the resolutions after they have downloaded it on their device.

After Registration, breakfast will be provided in the lobby. Please remember to keep your area clean. At 8:50am the Atrium will be open and available to all delegates and staff members so they may take their designated seats. The opening ceremony will commence promptly at 9:00am sharp.

Please note that parking is not available at CEC so please make arrangements prior to the two days of CSUNA
For any further questions regarding the schedule please visit out agenda page. Thank you.

Official Country Matrix, Foreign Policy Papers & Resolutions

Attention all CSUNA delegates and participants,

The official Country Matrix has now been uploaded. There have been some changes to country assignments and group members, so students and teachers should review the matrix once more before beginning their work.
Students, do keep in mind that only the name corrections that were sent in on time will appear on the matrix. The correct spelling of names will only appear under the Schools Involved tab if it was late.

The Foreign Policy Papers and Resolutions are due on November 23rd. Please submit your work by emailing us at


Name Changes

CSUNA delegates and participants,

If you notice any spelling errors or mistakes made in the Country Matrix, please inform the Webmaster immediately, if you have not already. Name changes will only be reflected once the new matrix is uploaded over the weekend. After that, we will not be accepting anymore requests for corrections.
Please do keep in mind that the names we have down will be the ones used for your name tags during CSUNA XXI.



Updated Country Matrix

Attention all delegates and participants,

The Country Matrix is now uploaded. Please check under the Reference tab and go to the Country Matrix link for your assigned countries and groups.
You may also check under the Schools Involved tab, but minor changes have been made so please refer to the matrix.

Thank you for your patience.
If there are any errors involving the spelling of names, feel free contact the Webmaster at
If there are any questions or concerns regarding country assignments, please talk to your T.A


Delegate Training Session

Attention all CSUNA participants and delegates,

We will be hosting our annual session from 4PM-6PM at St. Joseph’s Morrow Park on Thursday, October 22. If you are attending, please inform your T.A and tell them to RSVP us at by Tuesday, October 20.

If you are a new delegate, regardless of your grade it is highly recommended and is a part of your obligation to attend this training session in order for you to be prepared for the debates. We will be examining the rules, regulations, and procedures in depth and detail. Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns, this is the perfect opportunity for you to connect with your secretary generals and chairs to clarify any misconceptions.

Your Secretary Generals